La Voix du Luthier Onde Acoustic Resonator

La Voix du Luthier Onde Acoustic Resonator

With the Onde the sound directly comes from the vibrations of the 2 soundboards. There is no speaker cone inside, only acoustic exciters transmitting the vibration into the wood. It is the same principle as for a guitar: the strings themselves make very little sound, but they are transmitting their vibrations to the soundboard through the bridge, and what you hear is the sonic amplification via the soundboard. In our case the exciter is acting as the bridge and transmits the electric "vibrations" to the wood.

Contrary to a traditional speaker which is very directional, the Onde and the Pyramid are omni-directional. It is a very dispersive and immersive sound. In spite of this immersion effect transients are not compromised, in fact users have reported that transients are more accurate than on traditional speakers. These resonators are not sonically «neutral», as they are not meant to be: they offer a coloured sound carefully tuned by the luthier.


  • Feel the acoustical vibrations while playing your electronic instrument due to direct acoustical coupling, emulating this subtle yet significant playing experience that naturally occurs in traditional acoustic instruments.
  • Can be specifically adapted to the Haken Continuum Fingerboard and Haken ContinuuMini (via additional structural couplers).
  • 2*30W Class D amplifier driving 2 carefully selected wideband transducers.
  • Battery-powered option, with initial tests showing up to one full day of use between charges.
  • The Onde can supply power for two other USB devices during normal operation.
  • Line level stereo in.
  • Bluetooth Audio (and APTX).
  • Line level and bluetooth can be mixed together.

The Onde is provided with a soft case (or with an optional wooden hard case to go in the hold of a plane) that will allow to easily carry them: they are designed to be mobile!

72 cm high, 57 cm width, 8 cm depth, 2.6 kg weight.

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